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"Model portfolio beginner"

The purpose of a beginner port. Is to create the illusion that a model has worked with many photographers and styles of shoots. all in one or two sittings. The shoot will be as creative as the wardrobe, hair, and style that the model brings.
These are usually long, fun, and intense shoots.
you will find out if the world of modeling is for you.
If you are doing your own hair, and makeup, you may want to practice and do your research before the shoot. ( trends and styles ) This will save time and you will feel less stressed the day of.

We will be focusing on the following -

"Adult Fashion "

Even though you may or may not be an adult. It is important to be able to show a prospected client you have diversity. The best way to do that is through multiple looks, styles, and attitude's.

Hair- if you only know one style you may want to have someone do it for you. Or ask and I can have one available for you. This will cost extra if you desire a hair and makeup artist to be contracted for the shoot. $50.00 min.

Adult swim- woman - one or two piece or both.
Heels. Cover up's. The more you bring the better.
Men - multiple swim suits, deck shoes, button up shirt's, a few towels as cover up's.

" Teen fashion "

Assuming your a teen or can portray the look of a teen.
This may or may not be the most important part of your portfolio. If your 13 and have a youthful appearance the years you have to cash in on a playful teen look is worth it to have in your port. If your 18 + you won't want to have your port filled with something your not going to get much use out of in a casting.

" Editorial - promotion "

Anything not used in previous shots to create a more real world look.
As in product placement adds.

A note to remember when it comes to a professional photo shoot. Do not show up in thick makeup, with a ton of product in your hair, and tight restricting clothes. The less makeup, hair product, and loosest clothes the better. If you tan, the least amount of tan lines is preferred.

Think of yourself as an artists canvas. A clean one.

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